Our Sheikh – His Profile

Hazrat khwaja Muhammad Tahir Bakhsi Naqshbandi known as Sajjan Saeen belong to Sindh province is a follower of Tareeqat and Tassawuf (Sufism); preaches Islam, is a great advisor and spiritual personality of today. He was born in 1963 in Rehmatpur Sharif (Larkana) Pakistan. He belongs to Naqshbandi Mujaddidi dynasty and is a leading personality of today as far as Islamic knowledge and mysticism (tassawuf) is concerned.

He got his primary education from Dargah Fakirpur Sharif Radhan (in District Larkana)and got his Dars-i-Nizami education from Allahabad Sharif Kandyaro. He received first position in MA Islamic Studies from Sindh University. For his initial Dars-i-Nizami study of basic books he was admitted to Al-Markaz-e-Qadriya Karachi. At that time, he studied from Sheikh-ul-Hadith Hazrat Allama Muntakhib-ul-Haq AlQadri, a welknown teacher Allama Yahya Siddiqui, Sheikh-ul-Adaab Mollana Saeed ur Rehman and other scholars; studied Tafsir (interpretation of Quran) and rules of Tafsir, Hadith and rules of Hadith, Fiqah and rules of Fiqah, Philosophy, Antilogy, Public Speaking, Arabic Literature and History. He also studied from an internationally known researcher Respectable Abdul Qudus Hashmi the knowledge of history of different religions and comparison of different religions and has perfected his knowledge of the subject. He completed his spiritual education from his father Hazrat Allah Bakhsh, Sohna Saeen (May Allah be Pleased with Him). Hazrat Sohna Saeen awarded him turban of honour (Khilafah) in 1982 at Dargah Allah Abad Sharif in an annual gathering. Hazrat Muhammad Tahir Bakhshi has devoted himself completely to the sacred cause of propagation of Islam after the death of his Shaikh Hazrat Allah Bakhsh.

The message of Hazrat Khwaja Sajjan Saeen is very simple but very effective. He says that one should keep a check of one’s own wrong doings and never think wrongfully of any religion or sect. One should only focus on one’s own moral values and for the betterment of others. Never harm anyone by your deeds, by your strength or by your wealth. Act like a flowing spring under the surface of the earth, that is, help the mankind with your qualities without propagation. For the betterment of the world and self, perform zikr (remembrance of Allah in ones heart) and always keep your connection with Allah and follow the Sunnah of Nabi-i-Akram (peace be upon him). His message teaches love, kindness and brotherhood and is clear from all worldly desires and pretence. He message is a true copy of his own personality, and that it give a person inner satisfaction that helps in purifying his soul.

His approach to preaching is cordial; lectures are informative, striking, simple and lovely. He is young and much zealous to preach Islam. Hundreds of thousands of followers are attached to him to enlighten their hearts with Zikr of Allah. These people belong not only to Pakistan but the rest of the world.

He has established several spiritual preaching centers in different cities and towns of Pakistan such as Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Larkana, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Rahimyar Khan etc. He also visits U.A.E for propagation of Islam twice a year. Since 2000, he has also been visiting United Kingdom for the propagation of Islam.

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