Urs Mubarak Hazrat Sohna Saeen 2014

Annual Urs Mubarak of the great saint of Sindh Hadhrat Sohnā Sāeen will be held on 22 and 23 November 2014 at Allāhābād sharīf, Kandiāro, Naushehro Feroz district, Sindh, Pakistan.

This great spiritual congregation will be attended by hundreds of thousands of the murids and followers of Sufism. Many will come from countries abroad to attend and benefit from the blessings of this highly spiritual event. This will end on Sunday morning 23 November with the special speech of the chief of Jamā’t Islāh-ul-Muslimeen Hadhrat Shaykh Muhammad Tāhir Abbāsī Bakhshī Naqshbandī Mujaddidī alias Sajjan Sāeen.

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