Urs Mubarak Hazrat Sohna Saeen 2017

Live video feed is available on https://alislah.pk.

The grand congregation of Jama’t Islah-ul-Muslimeen to celebrate the 34st annual Urs of Hazrat Sohna Saeen Naqshbandi is being held at Dargah Allahabad Sharif, near Kandiaro in Sindh, on 9 and 19 December 2017.

The final session will begin at 09:00 am (Pakistan time) on Sunday 10 December and will continue till afternoon. This will include a very special prayer (Dua) by the chairperson of Jama’t Islah-ul-Muslimeen, Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Tahir Bakhshi Naqshbandi Mujaddidi, who will also deliver a special lecture to the audience. Hundreds of thousands of his followers and devotees are attending this event.

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